What Is A Legacy

„Your legacy is what you do everyday.

Your legacy is every life you have touched,

every person whose life was either moved or not.

It is every person you have harmed or helped, that is your legacy.“

Maya Angelou

Before the legacy is a mission. A mission that is questioned, one that sometimes triggers skepticism and more often inner turmoil. And in seconds of a life it is the certainty that life is not finished, that everything still goes on. Is the highest form of happiness really a life with a certain degree of craziness, as Erasmus of Rotterdam said? He was, after all, a cosmopolitan …

Mostly, however, it is simply constant work pursued in a straight line, thinking ahead, drawing conclusions from what has gone before and daring to take the next steps. And therefore I like the first line of Maya Anglou best – this daily. That’s it.