About Me

… born in Upper Austria, well protected in a small family, raised and educated in the midst of wonderful people and strong personalities …

In general, in life it is important to see people in their totality and uniqueness and to create spaces for development. This also applies to my professional credo, the work as a teacher for children with different abilities. To allow holistic views, to throw different perspectives on people and things in the world and to try something new every now and then.

That is part of my life.

In the center remains the continuous examination with dance, music and creative, pictorial doing. No matter where – it is sought and found, or it seeks and finds me.

This intensifies my life.

Always being on the path of life, as in traveling – the world is too small for a dreamer. It places itself generously and manifold. To be always somewhere, nowhere always is a regularly emerging desire. To embark on a great journey together with the person who shares life with her, or to dare to do it alone and see where it takes you …

It usually leads me into an endless immersion of photographic moments. Photography – it gives something back to oneself and to many other people.

It intensifies my life even more.