Myanmar – December 2016

28 December 2016

Breakfast leaves little to be desired, so I immediately try Mohinga, the Burmese breakfast noodle soup. The drink, the typical Myanmar tea, is black, strong and with lots of sweetened condensed milk – similar to the classic Indian chai – not really my cup of tea, as there is too much milk. A good culinary base is no mistake, especially if there are many pagoda visits, all barefoot, of course, even in the toilet. After so called “health breaks” with wet wipes and disinfectant, street food is already waiting for me: all the other dishes here are already right up my street, as influences from India and Thailand and China! Myanmar may not be a country for hygiene fanatics, but it’s the best for Asia fans. Pulsating opulence and extreme Buddhist tranquillity – consoling tranquillity leads you to your inner soul.