Air At The Airport

I drive up and go alone.
The buildings at the airport have been brightly renovated, they seem friendly and service-oriented. The architecture, however, freezes in emptiness. Most of the time I love being alone, get involved when I take pictures and nothing distracts me from seeing and thinking. Here and now this is all nothing, I long for hustle and bustle and closeness to people.

Yes, longing drives me here. Longing for what? For distance and closeness – and that at the same time.
For consciously experienced moments that I share intensively with myself and only then with the people with whom I feel understood. There are very few of them and that is good. A huge portion of feeling for the vastness of the horizon is present and again and again – the world is too small for a dreamer. Of course, think primarily of my own horizon, you must never allow yourself to stop thinking and acting more closely. So big is the world, so small are the perspectives of people – at the moment! Or am I misjudging something?
In the background, the very latest information from German television is running in the café – I don’t fail to think in a focused way, but it seems so typical for the present: everything is running non-stop, nobody is listening and those who are talking are trying to justify everything and explain everything to us. Everyone is on their own with the decisions of life.
I will travel, I will fly, I will always keep openness and cooperation high. As so often before, thoughts about this can go through a rollercoaster ride – of course I’ll make it – will I make it?

With the ground of the airport under my feet, the answer is – it will – sometime then. Security and insecurity – weighty words, especially in connection with airports.
I’ll pay for my coffee.

October 2020